2018 Obstacle Challenge!

2017 Challenge Results!

​Ulster County Horse Council

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Thank you to everyone who participated in our Obstacle Challenge! Here are the results:
OPEN- Technical Award Jeremy Reid on Stella
             1 Jeremy Reid on Stella
             2 Cliff Schadt Jr.  on Bird
             3 Peter Iannucci on Cupid
             4 Candice King on Zuca
             5 Keith Kortright on Lady
             6 Claire Arnold on RPM
             7 Cliff Schadt Jr. on TR
             8 Judy Joffee on Lil Joe
             9 Peter Iannucci on Be at
             10 Candice King on Risley
             11 Dawn Hoeverman on Annie
             12 Gary Kortright on Zippy
             13 Jodi Mac Millan-Cooper on Spencer
NOVICE-  Technical Award Claire Arnold on RPM
              1 Claire Arnold on RPM
              2 Cliff Schadt Jr. on Bird
              3 Judy Joffee on Lil Joe
              4 Katie Kortright on Strawberry
              5 Jasmine Rider on Cody
              6 Candice King on Risky
              7 Kyle Jubie on Capone
              8 Dawn Hoeverman on Annie
              9 Jeremy Reid on Penny
              10 Dawn Hoeverman on Sparky
              11 Gary Kortright on Zippy
              12 Katie Kortright  on Angel
              13 Amber Liese on Sweet'N'Sassy
              14 Ashley Beaver on Dun in Diamonds
              15 Kimberly Meyer on Bandit
BEGINNER- Technical Award Jasmine Rider on Cody 
               1 Jasmine Rider on Cody 
               2 Katie Kortright on Angel 
               3 Gary Kortright on Zippy 
               4 Amber Liese on Sweet'N'Sassy 
                1 Emily Cooper on Skippin School
                1 Zakary Jurkowski on Capone
                2 Emily Cooper on Skippin School 
BENEFIT- $171 raised for Larry Ashton 
                1 Jasmine Rider on Cody 
                2 Keith Kortright on Lady 
                3 Jodi Cooper on Spencer 
Congratulations! Great job, everyone! Special mention to Alamar Equine Equestrian, LLC for bringing a number of horses and riders, and all performing well! Thank you all for coming out despite the weather!