Ulster County Horse Council

Large Animal Emergency Rescue Project

News Release

The goal of the Ulster County Horse Councilís Large Animal Emergency Rescue Project is to provide resources for the local emergency rescue responders to expand their knowledge when dealing with large animals through educational TLAER clinics, development of specialized large animal rescue skills, knowledge and use of required tools for successful rescuing of larger species of animals, such as horses, cows, llamas, etc.  The UCHC sees the need for education not only to facilitate the rescue of larger animals, but to keep the rescuersí safety as a priority.  Normally, the local fire department and law enforcement agencies are the first emergency responders who would be called to assist in accident situations involving overturned horse trailers, livestock barn fires and loose and injured animals.  Our immediate pursuit will be to send one emergency responder from Ulster County to a TLAER hands-on training this coming summer, hopefully in July 2009. 

Our thanks go out to Rhinebeck Equine Veterinary Clinic who responded immediately to support our efforts by graciously donating items for our large animal rescue first aid kit.  Items include two large boxes of emergency supplies consisting of bandages and wraps, two thermometers, box of exam gloves, bandage scissors, adhesive tape, sheet cotton, sterile pads and sponges, vetrap and one box of army bandages.  Because the items will be stored, a smaller first aid kit will be gathered together to hold the items with a shorter useable life.

Currently, we are in discussions with the Ulster County Agriculture Society for the use of the Ulster County Fairgrounds in the case of a county wide disaster or an individualís need to relocate their large animals because of flooding, barn fire, or other disaster that requires temporary removal of their animals, until permanent housing can be arranged. 

There are two fund raisers being scheduled to finance the LAER project.  The first will be a tack auction to be held at a local equestrian center and the other, a bus trip to the Museum of Natural History in New York City, to attend the Horse Event thatís available until January 4, 2009.  Information on both fund raisers meeting location, date and time will soon be listed the UCHC website at www.uchc-ny.org

We will be putting together a list of support resources for the large animalsí owners and emergency rescuers in Ulster County.  If you wish to be added as a resource, please feel free to contact the Ulster County Horse Council, PO Box 691, New Paltz NY 12561 or Carol Fitzpatrick, Vice President, at rploft@hvc.rr.com





Our holiday wish list is as follows:

        Donations towards funding the cost of education of our local emergency responders.  Estimate training cost for one person taking the TLAER clinic is $400.00.

        Livestock or Horse Trailer, Bumper Pull, 8 or less yearís old, good condition. Would prefer a trailer that has a dressing room with locking door for storage of rescue items. 

        Rope halters (various sizes), rope lead ropes/lines 10-20 ft lengths, water buckets, horse blankets, sponges/hoof picks/brushes, fleece lined hobbles

        Donations towards a large animal slide/board - $1500 -$2000 to move large animals safely. We need the straps, hobbles, robes, webbing, head protection etc.

        10 x 10 plastic and canvas tarps

        Shovels, picks, hand tools, tool box

        Emergency Rescue Reference Book and training CD for use by first emergency responders

        Donations towards purchasing approved webbing for use in large animal rescue  

        Small motorized tools (drills/saws) for cutting metal and wood

        Donations towards portable fencing that would be placed on the side to transport livestock/horse (metal and plastic fencing)

The Ulster County Horse Council is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) tax-exempt Organization dedicated to all equestrians to encourage cooperation and participation among people interested in preserving, promoting and improving the overall equine environment in Ulster County, NY, as well as other activities/organizations which serve to benefit the equine group as a whole.  Your membership and/or tax deductible donations are welcome.  UCHC is strictly a volunteer group, made up of individual recreational and professional horse owners, farm advocates and local community and business people. For more information on items needed for this project or UCHC go to www.uchc-ny.org.  If you wish to arrange a time and place to drop off your donations, contact Shannon Budnik, President, at sbudnik@hvc.rr.com or Carol Fitzpatrick, Vice President, at rploft@hvc.rr.com or mail  the donations to the Ulster County Horse Council, PO Box 691, New Paltz NY 12561